Jeremy Fields Biography

Chief Executive Officer

Jeremy Fields is one of three shareholders of the business. His title is Chief Executive Officer & President.  Jeremy began working in the home satellite industry at the age of eleven; when he helped his father, founder of the business David Fields, perform installations.  His involvement was limited to digging trenches, putting dishes together and running cable under houses.  His first major assignment was opening the Tulsa branch office for Fields Satellite in 1995.  Over the next three years he served as branch office manager and then installation technician, when he returned to school part time.  He moved back to Poteau permanently to fill the role of Operations Manager in 1998.

Jeremy was named Vice President of Southern Star when it was founded in 1999.  He was in charge of operations and call center sales.  Southern Star was one of the top three retailers in 1999 and 2000.  Southern Star acquired territory as a Regional Service Provider for the newly formed Dish Network Service Corporation in 2000.  Jeremy was instrumental in building the infrastructure for this venture and for overseeing it’s evolution.

Southern Star started as a Regional Service Provider with no locations in Texas or Arkansas, and completing less than 200 jobs per week.  The program has grown rapidly since then, and today is capable of more than 8,000 jobs per week with 17 locations throughout its’ territory.  Jeremy was instrumental to the company’s success throughout this period of rapid growth.  He was promoted to President in 2006 and then to Chief Executive Officer in 2011

Jeremy went back to complete his education in 2010, earning his Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management in 2011 from John Brown University.

Jeremy is married to Rachel and they have three children, Aaron, Seth and Hannah.  They live in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  Jeremy enjoys spending time with his family and a variety of outdoor activities when he is not working. He also enjoys helping several local charities.